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Kairos System

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The Scoring Kairos system is composed by the buzzer, setup on a desk, and the display.

A Scoring Kairos engineer will be present on-site during your competition to install the system, eventually connect it to your concept2 machines, and do the necessary setup for each WOD.

The special price during the launch offer is 25€/system/day.

Details of the functionnalities:

We can connect 3 machines at the same time and display their information :

  • Mode 1: we display distances, time, calories and all information concerning the ERG.
  • Mode 2: we separately display information from 2 erg machines and we can do the total of calories or meters. This will create a new kind of workout for team events.
  • Mode 3: we can display three machines in an independent way or combine them to give a new kind of workouts.
Every desk has its own timer that can be launched in a synchronized way with a wireless technology. The timer can also be stopped individually :

  • With the buzzer, you can stop the time at the end of the workout by pressing on the buzzer.
  • When you reach your target on the machine (calories or meters) the time immediately stops.
  • A big synchronized timer is available and can display for the audience the time of the workout until the time cap.


1 review for Kairos System

  1. Vincent Rampelbergs

    Excellent service! Thank you Feliz & the Scoring Kairos team for your presence at our event!
    The Fitness League

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